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Lyshanna Nicholls

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Research Intern - Central Lakes

Lyshanna is what you’d call, a Kiwi. She was born and bred in Dunedin, growing up in both the country and city. She has been an active member of her community for many years, mainly through her role as a girl guide. She is a bubbly, outgoing, kind and caring individual who has a big heart for the smaller, unappreciated things in life. She is currently enrolled at the Otago Polytechnic majoring in Human Resource Management and Tourism, which has given her the opportunity to work alongside the team at Volunteer South (they’re fantastic) as a research intern. Her role includes researching and designing an employee / group volunteering programme for Volunteer South. She is extremely excited to work with Volunteer South as it will allow her to gain new skills, experiences, networking opportunities, and help her grow as a person. She looks forward to the next few months and can’t wait to see the overall outcome.