Individual Volunteering

Are you interested in volunteering?

That’s great! Volunteer South works to with local community organisations who are in need of your help!  We have a wide variety of volunteer opportunities to choose from and our goal is to help you find volunteering roles that are meaningful, rewarding and enjoyable!

How do I get started?

That is easy!  You can search for volunteer opportunities and register online, or in person at our offices.

Make an Appointment



What can I expect if I come into the office?

We have a team of friendly and knowledgeable volunteers who can chat with you in a relaxed atmosphere about the different types of volunteer roles currently available and what might suit your situation best. We allow up to an hour for each interview, but sometimes it takes less time.
We will offer you a hot drink and we will chat with you to find out what you like to do and then help you search through our database of volunteer opportunities to determine which roles might suit you best. Our team can provide information about the roles we have listed and the organisations we support while we search side by side with you. Based on the conversation, we might be able to recommend some specific roles straight away.
If you are not comfortable searching for roles online, our volunteer team will ask you to complete our registration form (below) and we can give you printed volunteer role descriptions to look through. When you have decided which roles you are interested in trying, we will then give you the contact information and details for up to three roles.
pdf-logo Volunteer registration form


What do I need to do next after my interview at Volunteer South?

You will need to make contact with the organisations to arrange an interview with their Volunteer Manager.  We will also send an email to the organisations you chose to let them know you are interested in volunteering with them.

Am I obligated to do any of the roles I choose?

No! It is your decision if you would like to pursue the volunteer roles.

What if none of the roles I choose work out, or I change my mind?

That’s ok!  You are always welcome to come back again and search for more roles!

Will Volunteer South follow up me in the future?

We will follow up with you in a few weeks to see if your volunteering experiences were good – but only if you would like that!  When you register with us you can indicate if you would prefer us to send you a short email or give you a quick phone call.  We highly value your feedback and use it to improve our services.

 Do I need to have specific skills or experience to volunteer?

Many roles provide complete training and support so it’s a great chance to try something new!

How much time will I need to volunteer?

That is completely up to you and the role you choose.  Different roles require different amounts of time.  Some roles take as little as one hour per week!  Look carefully at each role description to find what roles will suit your time.

What days of the week can I volunteer?

You can volunteer on weekdays, evenings or weekends – it’s up to you.  Some roles can only be performed at certain times and there are some roles that can be done anytime that suits you! There is a volunteer role to suit everyone!