Hot from Vollywood

Things are ticking along nicely in Supported Volunteering with fifty three people enrolled on the programme and a further forty four people in the process of enrolling. Not everyone will ultimately decide that Supported Volunteering is right for them but for those that do enrol there are many different roles to consider. Right now twenty eight people are busy volunteering at the Hospice Shop, Plunket, Salvation Army, Maybank, Volunteering Otago, St Vincent de Paul, Foodbank, Orokonui Ecosanctuary, SPCA and St Andrews (with four people volunteering with more than one organisation!)

While some folk find a role right away, others may take some time before committing to a role. Looking is an important part of the journey as it raises all kinds of questions and encourages people to think about what they like and what they don’t. It is often a case of trial and error for people to find a situation that really suits them. Supported Volunteering helps guide and support people on this journey of discovery.

Since February 2013 more than 53 people have made the transition to independence from the Supported Volunteering Programme meaning that they no longer require the support of this service. Some folk have moved away from Dunedin. Three people have chosen to continue volunteering on their own and seven people have moved on to study or to paid work.

In the final analysis, it can be hard to know what the programme means to people and what it does for them but recent feedback from clients on the programme includes –

 “I had forgotten what it felt like to do something useful”. (M, 32yrs)

“I never thought I could do it but you believed in me”. (S, 54yrs)

“I’m actually helping people! Me! I thought I was the one that needed help but I can do things for others and that makes me feel better about me!”(D, 26yrs)

That’s my news from Vollywood this month,

Noho ora mai rā.


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