Keep Learning for Better Mental Wellbeing

Mental Health Awareness Week runs from the sixth to the twelfth of October. The theme this year is KEEP LEARNING. Learning, trying and thinking about new things open our eyes and our minds and help us to look at what might be possible. Through exploration and experimentation we discover new things about ourselves, the world we live in and about other people. Just as children always look and see and touch and reach out, we never lose this capacity for wonder. We may forget it. Ignore it. Deny it. But it is there within us awaiting expression. Whenever we try something different, learn a new skill, ask questions, ponder or use our imaginations we make fresh discoveries and surprise ourselves. We see further. Our horizons become more expansive and our boundaries are pushed. We grow.

Why not challenge yourself this October? Try one new thing (even if it scares you) – maybe a craft, a physical challenge or maybe an intellectual one. Take a class. Go to an exhibition. Try a funky new recipe. Wear a bold new colour. How about a yoga class? You could open a Facebook account or check out that new book. Watch that interesting documentary. Meet a new person. Why not walk the dog somewhere new? Say hi to a stranger. Play a new game with the kids…

It’s never too late to learn. Never. You are the author of your own experience. So grab those glitter pens and get doodling!

“At any given moment, you have the power to say: This is not how the story is going to end.” ~Chris Mason Miller


That’s all from Vollywood for this month,

All the best.

Noho ora mai rā.

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