Need Volunteers?




Need Volunteers?

We can help you source great volunteers to help your organisation achieve its goals. The organisations we work with are non-profits that benefit the volunteers and the wider community. We strongly recommend that you join our “Friends Program” so we can provide your organisation with dedicated information, resources and support around volunteer programme management.

In an ongoing effort to create our own sustainable funding sources, and to also provide more focused support to the community organisations, we now require all community organisations wishing to promote volunteer roles with us to become Registered Friends of Volunteering Otago.

To get started, please click on the “Organisation Registration Form” button below.

How much does the Friends Programme membership cost?

If your organisation has no-paid staff, it is completely FREE.
If your organisation has paid-staff the annual registration fee is $50 + GST.

For organisations that have multiple branches listed under the same number on the charities register, it will cost $50 for the first organisation and $25 for additional organisations.

What services and benefits does your organisation receive?

As a registered friend of Volunteering Otago, your organisation will receive these benefits:
  1. Support promoting your volunteer roles
We will provide support to promote your volunteer roles by listing them on our online database.  Every member organisation is assigned a Client Account Manager to help them promote roles on our website through the Better Impact volunteer database.
  1. Discounted rates for workshops
We offer registered friends a highly discounted rate to attend our various workshops throughout the year. The discount rates vary for each workshop, due to the varying cost for us to host workshops. Registered friends will receive a discount between    20% off the full price of attending our workshops.
  1. Networking for Leaders of Volunteers
Your leaders of volunteers are invited to attend our popular monthly networking meetings.  These meetings are an opportunity to engage and share ideas with people in similar roles across our community.  Guest speakers also present on topics of interest and relevance.
4. Resources for volunteer managers
People who work with volunteers in our organisation will have access to our lending library of books, publications and DVDs. We can also meet with you to chat about your volunteer programme management needs and how we can better support your organisation in this area.
5. Substantial savings through Rothbury insurance
Your organisation will qualify to receive substantial savings through Rothbury Insurance. The insurance savings from Rothbury will most likely be much more than your registered friend cost.

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Please Note: Organisations must first be registered with Volunteering Otago before we can promote your roles or projects.

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Organisation Registration Form
If you want to register your organisation with Volunteering Otago, please fill in the form here.
Volunteer Role Description Form
If you want to advertise a volunteer role for your organisation. Please fill in this form here.
Group Volunteer Project Description Form
Does your organisation have a big project or event coming up? We can help connect your organisation with groups of volunteers who will be keen to help achieve your goals. Please fill in this form here.
Street Appeal Role Description Form
Do you have an annual street appeal coming up? Please use this form to list your street appeal with us. Please fill in this form here.