The Ripple Effect

When the announcement was first made for NZ to move immediately into Level 3, Volunteering Otago had already behind operating behind closed doors for a week, and we had been proactively planning for supporting our volunteers and members in a very different way. We thought we had this all figured out, and that by the … Read more

Cara Reid

Cara is club president for St Bernadette’s Gym Club but that is not all she does. She makes sure we have enough coaches for classes, sorts new enrolments so the classes are well balanced, deals with arrangements for coaches and judges to travel and have accommodation for courses, and sources funding opportunities. In among this she has … Read more

Volunteering Otago Media

Check out the following articles of Volunteering Otago and Volunteering Centrals work during the last four weeks. Volunteering Otago on Otago Access Radio // //

Ange Leach

Ange has been helping in the dementia unit at St Andrew’s Care Home for the past four and a half years with craft and art. She brings new ideas to the residents and has a lovely gentle approach. Ange brings her artistic talents to the home and encourages residents to interact and enjoy.