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Currently the organisation is experimenting with glass re-cycling and seeks an experienced individual with knowledge of concrete.

We are embarking on the making of garden ornaments, paving stones etc. using crushed glass instead of usual aggregate. Also

seeking out additional marketing outlets for crushed glass


Ability to apply working knowledge of making concrete for the production of garden ornaments and appropriate handling of glass crushing and sorting machines
Good communication essential and the ability to work alongside and support 2-3 individuals eventually, training them in skill set necessary to manufacture said products
Creativity and ideas for marketing products and other alternative possible uses for sorted crushed glass.

Good health. Active and able to lift bags of concrete
Volunteers will be interviewed as police vetting is required
Character references and evidence of some work with concrete to be shared
Reimbursement of transport cost is negotiable

Good understanding of anticipated outcomes of activity. Ideally seeking support of individual knowledgeable in working with concrete and able to transfer knowledge to others with the possibility of creating employment opportunities in due course in the form of a micro-enterprise.

Casual, however primarily work clothes and boots. Overalls and prepared to wear appropriate safety equipment i.e. gloves, ear and eye protection, dust masks when necessary.

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