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Thyme Festival originated from a community desire to celebrate the beauty of the Central Otago landscape in November when the wild thyme blooms. In 2002 the festival evolved into a week celebrating the arts and sustainability with the theme of Cherishing Our Environment. That theme is reflected in the workshops, working artists, demonstrations, walks, talks, performances and exhibitions.

A range of workshops, working artists, demonstrations, walks, talks, performances and exhibitions which are a celebration of arts and sustainability with the theme Cherishing Our Environment.

As a committee member you will be working with other committee members to create and deliver the Thyme Festival in early November each year.  For most of the year the committee undertakes a predominately a governance and planning role however in the lead up and during the Festival then members become operations-based and give practical and organisational assistance to ensure events are able to be delivered as planned.

Volunteers will gain:

  • Satisfaction from a job well done and sharing your passion with others.
  • Joy at seeing people coming together to learn in new and different ways.
  • Increase your knowledge and understanding of the heartbeat of the local community.


Interested volunteers should have/be:

  • Great organisation and communication skills.
  • Willing to find connections in the community.
  • Able to commit to the timeframe of the entire festival.
  • Able to take on responsibility.
  • Knowledge and skill in 1 of the 4 threads is ideal: Sustainability, Arts, Crafts, Health and Well-being.

Time commitment

Meetings are held at 10am on the first Wednesdays of the Month at Central Otago Reap in the Alexandra Community House.  Most of the year approximately 2 hours/month is required.  A bigger commitment is required in the lead up to and during the Thyme Festival which is October until early November during which time there may be tasks several times per week.

Ideally volunteers are able to commit to 2 years or more – this would allow for mentoring by existing members for the first year and being able to make a significant contribution in subsequent years.

Getting started

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