Fifita Fit: Personal experiences inspired community transformation

A group of people on a field with a sunset behind them

Fifita Fit was born from a personal experience, and now helps the Pasifika community to make better lifestyle choices.

Volunteer Coordinator Lusi Fifita said, “The push for this initiative was seeing our parents’ health declining, and we wanted to encourage others to do better, so they don’t have to go through the same thing.” Fifita Fitt started off as an idea, and volunteers help make it a reality by running a 6 week challenge aimed at helping people on their weight loss journey. The Volunteers plan and execute workouts within the community and motivate them along the way, keeping each person accountable.

“Our first round just finished 2 weeks ago and our next round starts next month. We are so keen and ready to keep this as an ongoing journey within the community, to ensure the health and wellbeing of our people are maintained at a good level.”

“We don’t expect anything in return from doing this, but the happy faces and transformations at the end of the challenges are the reward… to bring people together and to push them to become better individuals for themselves and those around them. It’s almost like a domino effect!” says Lusi. “It's almost like burying the seed and nurturing it today, in the hope that future generations will harvest the positive outcomes.”

By creating these challenges they are also able to meet new people they wouldn’t have come across otherwise, while establishing new bonds and building relationships that encourage collective growth and wellbeing, truly weaving the people together for this generation and many to come.