Kaitūao o te Taitonga Volunteer South is dedicated to supporting the community by providing volunteer opportunities and support for members of the community from all walks of life, no matter their status in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Governance Mentoring Programme 2022 - Central Lakes

Designed to increase effectiveness in community governance by developing capability, connection and confidence and run in partnership with The Mentoring Foundation of New Zealand and Community Governance NZ.

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Tūao Awhina | Supported Volunteering Programme

Supported Volunteering offers assistance to people impacted by mental health issues to consider whether or not volunteering could be an option for them in a no-pressure, confidential and positive environment.

By helping people identify their hopes, their dislikes, their talents, interests and challenges, the Supported Volunteering Programme (SVP) walks alongside each participant on their own unique journey, moving at their pace in the direction they set, supporting their choices regardless of whether they ultimately volunteer or not. Supported Volunteering is just one possible pathway people may choose to take that can support their personal journey to wellness.

It is a referral based service so participants can be referred by their Occupational Therapist, Social Worker, Community Worker or even a General Practitioner.

To get in touch with Supported Volunteer Programme Coordinator, email or make an appointment here.

To learn more about SVP, including how to referr someone, head to the page here.

Migration Volunteering Programme

If you're new to Aotearoa New Zealand, whether you're on a tourist Visa, new migrant or former refugee, this programme is for you.

People who start new in a new country or city come with an enormous amount of skills but many newcomers speak of how difficult it can be to make connections or meet new people when they come to a new city. Volunteer South started the Migration Volunteering Programme (MVP) for the Southern region in order to support newcomers into volunteering opportunities to help build those connections and support them into our wider community.