Want to Volunteer?

Volunteer South provides dedicated support towards connecting people to meaningful and rewarding volunteer opportunities that contribute to the empowerment of the wider community.

Across the Southern region, there are over 400 volunteer involving organisations and community groups with hundreds of roles available throughout the year. From events to short-term and long-term opportunities, to street appeals, virtual volunteering and microvolunteering; there are time commitments to suit any lifestyle.

Volunteers come from many backgrounds and with all levels of skills and abilities. Whatever your passion, there is a role for you.

Things to know:
Volunteering can take as little as one hour per week. Different roles require different levels of commitment, have a look at the role description to find out more.
You can volunteer on weekdays or evenings and weekends - it's up to you. Some roles can only be performed at certain times, but there is something available for everyone.
You don't need to have specific skills or experience to volunteer. Many roles provide complete training and support, so it's a great chance to try something new!

How to Volunteer

If you’re interested in becoming a volunteer, have a think about how much time you can realistically commit to and what you would like to achieve. These are important questions to help you decide what opportunities you would like to apply for.

Take a look at our current volunteer opportunities. Browse by type of role, location and hours, or search for keywords. If you find a suitable role, then complete the application form at the bottom of the role description and you’ll hear back from us about how to proceed. There is no obligation at this stage – it’s simply an opportunity to find out more about the role and how to get started.

If you are wanting some extra support to find a volunteer role that works best for you, Volunteer South can help match your individual skills and interests with a large number of groups who welcome volunteers. Each area has different teams who can sit and talk with you about the options. For the area closest to you, click here to make an appointment.

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