Our Team


Image of Peter Claman

Peter Claman

Community Connector - Supported Volunteering
Image of Steve Baker

Steve Baker

Community Connector - Dunedin & Coastal Otago
Image of Neha Gosalia

Neha Gosalia

Community Connector - Central Lakes
Image of Raewyn Clarke

Raewyn Clarke

Community Connector - Invercargill
Image of Jane Sharman

Jane Sharman

Governance Mentoring Programme Lead - Central Lakes
Image of Gillian White

Gillian White

Regional Lead
Image of Amy Desvaux

Amy Desvaux

Regional Administrator


Image of Alison Maynard

Alison Maynard

Deputy Treasurer - Dunedin
Image of Juliette Hicks

Juliette Hicks

Story Writer
Image of Susan Merriman

Susan Merriman

Story Writer
Image of Jemma Main

Jemma Main

Marketing Advisor


Image of Andrew Whiley

Andrew Whiley

Volunteer South Chairperson - Dunedin
Image of Ben McCormack

Ben McCormack

Volunteer South Treasurer - Dunedin
Image of Robyn Bennett

Robyn Bennett

Volunteer South Trustee - Dunedin
Image of Clare Greensmith

Clare Greensmith

Volunteer South Trustee - Dunedin
Image of Lynda Marnie

Lynda Marnie

Volunteer South Trustee - Dunedin
Image of Danny Farrington

Danny Farrington

Volunteer South Trustee - Dunedin
Image of Nicola Pinfold

Nicola Pinfold

Volunteer South Trustee - Dunedin