Volunteer Managers' diversity and strength recognised.

November 5th is International Volunteer Manager Day with the theme, “Many Backgrounds – One Profession – Stronger Together”

This theme celebrates the strength the volunteer leadership sector possesses; the huge and diverse range of backgrounds that volunteering leaders come from.

Volunteer South lives and breathes volunteering and knows that volunteers change lives, and volunteer managers enable and strengthen this change not only within the volunteers themselves, but of those that benefit from their actions. With strong, passionate and skilled volunteer managers that provide leadership and direction the volunteer experience is transformed and volunteers are enabled to make the biggest impact in their communities.

Volunteer South supports volunteering and in addition to their volunteer connections service, their team spend much of their time supporting volunteer involving organisations. This includes offering one to one support, networking opportunities, advice, mentoring, resources and training. They express their thanks to all the volunteer leaders for making our communities stronger through volunteering.

Following their recent Volunteer Engagement workshop in Cromwell, they are planning their next session in Dunedin this month and are inviting anyone involved in recruiting volunteers to join them.

Aimed at both those considering setting up a volunteer programme and those already involved in an existing one - anyone with responsibility for volunteers is encouraged to attend to ensure they are getting the basics right and are working towards best practice when engaging with their volunteers.

“Much of the work in our wider communities is around supporting volunteer involving organisations to strengthen their volunteer programmes, from advice around recruitment and screening to how to give their volunteers a great experience where they feel really valued.”

“The workshop will give people the chance to connect with others involved with volunteers and will go through the whole volunteer journey and help organisations reflect on what they are doing well and what areas might need improving.”

“Participants should leave with a great understanding of engaging with volunteers as well as practical tips and resources.” says Hagino Baker, Volunteer South’s Community Connector based in the Dunedin office.

The workshop will take place on November 16th from 10am - 1.30pm. For more information and to register please contact Hagino Baker on hagino@volunteersouth.org.nz