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The International Festival of the Environment, Science and Technology Dunedin, New Zealand Incorporated, is a non-profit charitable organisation established to achieve the following aims:   To celebrate and promote education and research in the fields of science, the environment, and technology, and to foster awareness of the contributions which scientific, technological, and environmental endeavours make to society with particular emphasis on the excellence of the achievements in these fields attained in New Zealand.   The Society, through the events and Festivals it stages, is a catalyst to encourage all organisations (educational, research, business and community) and individuals to participate in the promotion of their work in science and its applications and contributions to society.


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New Zealand International Science Festival - Event Support

New Zealand International Science Festival
Events | Both/Flexible | Dunedin
29 June 2024 to 14 July 2024

Join the NZISF team of Superstar Tūao/Volunteers for the 2024 NanoFest! You'll be helping to run events during the NanoFestival (10 - 14 July) or during their special Matariki event (29 June) - or both!