LUMA Light Festival Trust

LUMA is an award-winning arts and culture festival based in Queenstown. Each June, Queenstown is illuminated with art and sculpture for the annual LUMA light festival. Over 35,000 locals and visitors from all over the world attend LUMA each year, (COVID permitting) which transforms Queenstown’s famous Gardens and lakefront into a dazzling display of glowing art. The event driven by a team of dedicated volunteers who work year round to put on the festival.

Roles Available:


LUMA Light Festival Trust
Events | Both/Flexible | Queenstown
6 April 2121 to 6 July 2021

LUMA brings together an exceptional group of local people and LUMAteers are needed to help the light festival run smoothly - acting as ambassadors and providing information or helping with more practical elements. Be part of this fabulous community event.