Open Valley Urban Ecosanctuary

Open VUE (Valley Urban Ecosanctuary) is working towards turning North East Valley, Dunedin, into an open unfenced urban eco-sanctuary, through ecological restoration and community-led predator management. Previously, we have run an education programme in schools, teaching children and their families about the wildlife and the introduced predators that visit their backyards. We hope to be able to engage with households to see how comfortable people are with the idea of biodiversity enhancement, backyard predator management and initiate predator mapping using the best available detection tools. ‚Äč

Roles Available:

Working Bee Volunteers

Open Valley Urban Ecosanctuary
Conservation | Both/Flexible | Dunedin

We're looking for volunteers to join our regular working bees involving propagating native plants for local backyards as part of the Backyard Ecosanctuaries project and/or working towards habitat restoration in Chingford Park.