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Wanaka Backyard Trapping supports and coordinates initiatives to control pests which threaten native wildlife on QLDC, DOC and LINZ reserves. They encourage private landowners to carry out trapping at a neighbourhood level, as well as engage volunteers to maintain traplines on public land. They run a trap library that is made available to private landowners. They monitor populations of native birdlife to assess the impact of their ongoing efforts. They engage and educate the local community through newsletters, a public talk series and workshops. This volunteer-led and run group that offers interested individuals many ways to contribute.

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Committee & Board | Both/Flexible | Wānaka, Hāwea

Have an impact on local and national biodiversity efforts by joining the committee of your local predator trapping organisation. Learn about the latest methods and technology and work with other regional groups towards the goal of a predator free NZ.