Mentorship Service

Volunteer South works with volunteer-involving organisations around the creation of and best practice for their volunteer programmes. The idea supporting this work is to enable strong, sustainable and reflexive volunteer opportunities and programmes that cater to both clients and volunteers in a meaningful way. The mentorship service is central to how organisations transform themselves into catalysts of community change.

Our mentorship service is free to all member organisations and is a dedicated series of sessions designed to build, support and proactively help volunteer managers or coordinators effectively start or manage their volunteer programmes. Using best practice tools from a wide variety of volunteer-involving organisations and volunteer centres, as well as templates, guidelines and checklists, the mentorship service is sessions specifically centered on you and your volunteer programme.

The sessions are usually between 3 - 5 one hour sessions, depending on your needs and there is no limit to how little or how many sessions you need. These sessions are spaced two weeks apart with some work needing to be done inbetween each session in order to ensure that the outcomes of the sessions are achieved. You will be ably supported by our expert Volunteer South team in order to ensure that items that need progressed will do so.

If you would like to learn more about this service or make an enquiry to start your mentorship with Volunteer South, please contact for more information.

Please note that this service is currently only available in Dunedin, Central Otago, Queenstown Lakes and Waitaki.