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Keep Alexandra Clyde Beautiful (KACB) is an organisation that is affiliated to Keep New Zealand Beautiful. They are a group of volunteers that are involved with litter abatement, beautification and civic pride. They encourage the involvement of schools and service groups.

They are involved with Clean Up New Zealand Week, and the beautification of various sites around Alexandra and Clyde such as the hanging baskets in the Golden Block and murals on Highway 8, and Centennial Ave. Major projects have included the development of Kamaka Walkway, beautification of the Rail Trail, especially near the old Alexandra Railway Station, and facilitation of the restoration of the Look Out viewing platform, each of which has been acknowledged with awards.

As a Committee Members you might get involved in one or more of the following activities as per your preference, skill set and availability:

  • facilitate projects
  • weeding, planting and ongoing maintenance of sites
  • attend monthly meetings
  • assist with the planning of future projects
  • help with administration
  • produce a regular newsletter for members
  • update our Facebook page

Here's a list of their active groups, any of which you would be welcome to join:

  • Kamaka walkway planting and maintenance
  • Rail Trail maintenance, Dunstan Road section, Chicago to Tarbert section
  • Rail Trail old station area maintenance
  • Linger and DIe maintenance
  • Lookout Reserve planting and maintenance
  • Shaky Bridge Planting and maintenance
  • The Alexandra Garden planting and maintenance
  • Alexandra signs plantings maintenance

You will enjoy being in a social environment with a relaxed group of fun, diverse people who enjoy each others company and working outside for a fantastic community cause.


Overall, all volunteers of KACB are people who:

  • Have an interest in supporting the main aims of the group
  • Open to integrating with a variety of people
  • Have a sense of humour

Currently, committee members each lead a specific planting/maintenance project. They are looking for people to:

  • Lead the Litter program
  • Source 'Art in the Community' opportunities

They also welcome volunteers who have one or more of the following skills:

  • Administrative and/or marketing using Google drive, Gmail, Contacts, Photos Management)
  • Planting, weeding, spraying
  • Ability to organise working bees

Anyone is more than welcome and KACB are particularly keen to engage with younger volunteers to foster leadership in the next generation!

Time commitment

  • The committee meetings are held monthly.  
  • Planting projects have a list of regulars who agree on time and duration for each session.
  • Times can be weekday mornings, or afternoons or early evenings - depending on season and weather.
  • Weekends are saved for bigger planting sessions in Autumn.
  • Carpooling is always an option if needed

Getting started

The first step is to express your interest by filling out the form below. We will then put you in touch directly with the organisation for more information on the role and how to proceed.

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