Baskets of Blessing Volunteering

Baskets of Blessings Charitable Trust
Practical – indoors | 1-6 people | St Johns Presbyterian Church Hall Arrowtown

Baskets of Blessings Charitable Trust provides a platform coordinating generous donations of products, time and money to deliver unexpected gift baskets and frozen meal/food packs to individuals and families suddenly struggling from unexpected life challenges. Established in 1990, recent times have seen Baskets of Blessing escalate to now distribute over 500 gift baskets per year and up to 3000 free frozen meals per month.

A passionate group of volunteers meet every Monday and Thursday morning at the St John's Presbyterian Church Hall in Arrowtown and help out with a range of tasks. They love to greet new volunteers and welcome them into the groove! We have a never ending changing range of random tasks!

Join the team in the church kitchen (upgraded with commercial ovens)

Prep (peel, cut, chop) fresh fruit and vegetables
Cook meals
Package and label meals
Sort incoming food produce rescued from supermarkets
Separate large bags of produce, rice/pasta, pet food etc. into 1kg bags
Peel, slice, grate, cut up fruit and vegetables and package for cooking or freezing

Assemble Baskets

Labelling homemade chutneys
Put fabric covers on jars
Washing and drying new cups and mugs
Taking items out of boxed packaging and removing price labels
Unpacking cartons, and sorting donated items into bags
Tying ribbons around donated teddy bears!
Making tags, labels and signs
Tagging/labelling baskets and boxes
Cutting packaging/wrapping materials
Arrange baskets in an appealing manner


*Assist with deliveries if you are fit and able to carry a banana box of goods to a household door and have your own vehicle.

When you arrive for your first shift, one of the core members of the team will show you around and go through an induction, and you will always work in a team with support from other volunteers.

Increasingly within the Whakatipu basin, local individuals and families are facing incredible challenges, typically without family or support networks. Those impacted range across all ages, socio – economic groups and ethnicities/cultures. Severe illness, or injury, financial or mental distress, bereavement, separations and solo parenting all take their toll. As part of the Baskets of Blessing volunteer team, you can help create customised gift baskets to reinforce people do care and to offer positive uplifting moments.

Basically the more opportunities we have to use donated product from many many sources, the more people we can assist in our community. Hence the more hands we have onboard the better :-)


Genuine desire to help those in need
Enjoy a wide variety of changing tasks
*Be flexible and ready to respond to the need of the day

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