Straight Up Trust

Straight Up Trust
Practical – indoors | 6-25 people | Southern Dunedin and Brockville

Straight Up Trust is a charitable non-profit organisation based in South Dunedin and Brockville. They have been working with youth and families in the southern areas of Dunedin for over 20 years. They create a safe, non-judgemental relational space where young people feel loved and accepted, and are able to explore their life values and grow.

Each club night is filled with activities that have meaning (games, sports, fun with food etc). These activities are designed to engage youth who might otherwise be disengaged from more traditional programmes - like Cubs or Scouts etc - or who simply couldn't afford them. The overall goal is to help young people to grow in mana & resilience. A more specific goal is relationship building, as they move towards one to one mentoring relationships where appropriate.

They have a Southern Dunedin Intermediate team; two Southern Dunedin High School teams (junior & senior HS); and a Brockville team (years 7-10)


  • Each volunteer (& staff) undergoes a police check & is to provide referees upon applying.
  • Full training in the principles of Youth Development are provided.
  • Having your own license/transport is an advantage (but not essential).
  • Have one evening of the week free to help with a particular Club and two weekends in the year that can be set aside to help with camps.
  • Being willing to be good listener
  • Be empathetic
  • Be part of a cool team/community
  • Have fun!

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