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Just Atelier Trust was founded in 2015 as a shared passion for creating a local solution to a global problem of social and environmental waste throughout the fashion industry. Our aims are to: -To operate a project space in Dunedin, which provides access to workspace, meeting space, sewing equipment and industry information that is otherwise unavailable or inaccessible to the community. -To develop new projects with the local community to facilitate engagement with traditional and innovative textile practices in varying mediums, to educate and empower the community in the production, use and adaption of textile items. -To assist in developing innovative projects relating to reusing, re-purposing and recycling materials for creative construction of textile items, with particular reference to training opportunities and skill development of the community.


Roles Available:

Fabric Sorter

Stitch Kitchen
Art & Craft | Both/Flexible | Dunedin

Volunteers who love working with fabrics and other haberdashery items (buttons!) are welcome to join in the fun of sorting donated fabric pieces and scraps for our 'Swap Shop'.

Community Sewing Bees

Stitch Kitchen
Art & Craft | Working Hours | Dunedin

Join us in transforming fabric offcuts and 'scraps' into a range of creative and practical projects for local community groups.