South Dunedin Community Network

Making South Dunedin a Great Place to Live, Work and Play. Our main goals are to: Advocate, Connect, Celebrate and Communicate and be informed by the People of South Dunedin. Our work so far has concentrated on finding out what our community strengths, needs and wants are. This involves consultation in creative ways to center voices in our community that are not usually heard. We hold events to celebrate our place, and develop a greater sense of community and identity. We also work closely with the DCC and ORC to transform our community relationship with decisionmakers to make sure our community voice is centred in all decisions regarding South Dunedin.

Roles Available:

South Dunedin Community Crew

South Dunedin Community Network
Social Support | Both/Flexible | Dunedin

We are looking for people enthusiastic about South Dunedin! If you work, live or play in South Dunedin you meet the requirements to join our Community Crew!