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The Dream South D project began at the end of June 2022. A board of volunteers is responsible for finding out what the community values most about South D and what it wants for the future. This could be playgrounds, warmer homes, better access to services - the community decides. Then, based on what the people say, Dream South D will create a community plan with projects for South D. Finally, with the help of the community, they will work together to get the plan done. This is a 5 year community led development partnership with the Department of Internal Affairs, to deliver various community-led projects to South Dunedin. Their mission is to build on the South Dunedin community’s strengths and work together to get good stuff done!


Roles Available:

Gasworks Market Committee Member

Dream South D Trust
Committee & Board | Both/Flexible | Dunedin

Do you love working on new projects and seeing them succeed? The Gasworks Market is a new Community Market in South Dunedin that is looking for those who want to be Committee Members to join their vision and help them fly!