Logo for Dunedin Community Transport Trust (Plusbus) Dunedin Community Transport Trust (Plusbus)

The vision of the Trust is that senior citizens in Dunedin have access to affordable transport that will assist them in maintaining social contacts and links with essential services and which is responsive to their needs. The Mission of the Trust is to develop and operate a flexible, accessible, affordable, consumer-friendly community transport service for those who are transport disadvantaged or have limited mobility.


Roles Available:

Board Member

Dunedin Community Transport Trust (Plusbus)
Committee & Board | Both/Flexible | Dunedin

The PlusBus board is seeking new board members to support the governance of the shopping bus service to those who are elderly or transport disadvantaged.

PlusBus Assistant

Dunedin Community Transport Trust (Plusbus)
Practical Help | Working Hours | Dunedin

Make a difference by helping elderly and mobility impaired clients access the Supermarket on the PlusBus!


Dunedin Community Transport Trust (Plusbus)
Driving | Working Hours | Dunedin

Transporting elderly people to do shopping and other activities.