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Insight Endometriosis is a community-based Charitable Trust working collaboratively to empower people with endometriosis, suspected or diagnosed as well as their whānau and communities. We are based in Hamilton but work throughout NZ with the following objectives: 1. Provide support through meetings held for the endometriosis community 2. Provide information and education to the endometriosis community 3. Raise awareness of endometriosis to the general public 4. Provide other support and assistance consistent with this charitable purpose


Roles Available:

Health Professionals List Administrator

Insight Endometriosis
Administration | Both/Flexible | All Towns

Use your data entry and communication skills to empower people with endometriosis in the community by creating and managing an up-to-date list of relevant and available health professionals for contact!

Expo Ambassador Team Leader

Insight Endometriosis
Management | Both/Flexible | All Towns

Use your advanced organisation and people skills as an Expo Ambassador Team Leader, and coordinate their Expo Ambassador representatives, as they provide information to the public about endometriosis through positive engagement at expos nationwide!

Translation Proofreader

Insight Endometriosis
Languages | Both/Flexible | All Towns

Volunteer from home! Proofread translated information to help overcome language and cultural barriers and empower more of the community impacted by endometriosis to access information and make their own decisions.